FICC's President (Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravaning et autocaravaning)

João Alves Pereira


The Fédération des campeurs, caravaniers et camping-caristes (FFCC) is the host and organisers of the 88th International F.I.C.C. Rally, that will lead the World Campers, Caravanners and Motor Caravanners in 2019 to the beautiful town of Châteaubriant in France.

Châteaubriant is a town in western France, about 350 km southwest of Paris, and one of the three
sub-prefectures of the Loire-Atlantique department. Châteaubriant is also situated in the historical and cultural region of Brittany, and it is the capital of the Pays de la Mée.

A part of the traditional province of Brittany, Châteaubriant also lies on the threshold of Anjou, and it was an important stronghold in northwestern France during the middle Ages. The town is situated between Nantes and Rennes and appeared during the 11th century, around a castle and a priory. The medieval fair and cattle market are still important for the local economy, were also founded in 1050.

Châteaubriant is noteworthy for its château, which combines a large medieval castle and a Renaissance palace. The town also has an 11th-century church and a medieval town centre, with half-timbered houses and remains of city walls.

As usual the Organisers are preparing a very rich program with several activities for all campers with all ages that you will probably enjoy and remember for many years.

I would like to express our sincerest thanks to the sponsors who are supporting this F.I.C.C. Rally and to the organisers the FFCC – The Fédération des campeurs, caravaniers et camping-caristes, as well as to all those many volunteers who are preparing this F.I.C.C. Rally.

On behalf of the F.I.C.C. I give you all a hearty welcome to this International Rally and I believe that all Camping, Caravanning and Motor-caravanning enthusiasts will back home from this beautiful venue with great memories. So let’s enjoy our holidays in Châteaubriant – France with our Camping friends!

I wish you all a friendly and safe stay in France!

João Alves Pereira
F.I.C.C. President